Caryn Cramer Interiors + Textiles



  • Our standard method of digital printing uses pigment dye to uphold our commitment to eco-friendly methods for textile manufacturing.
  • This surface printing method is free of any chemical pre-treatment + post-treatment of the fabric bolt and uses the least amount of toxins in the dye cartridges that bind pigment to the linen.
  • This printing method requires no water washes of the fabric post printing, and in turn does not pollute water systems with residual dye, nor does it waste water.
  • Because of the low-chemical nature of the pigment dye method, we recommend organic dry cleaning options to keep the vibrancy of the colorways intact. 


  • Our fabric by the yard speaks volumes, both in quality + sustainability.
  • Our Belgian linen is biodegradable and cultivated from flax, a plant that is gentle on the land, requiring little to no pesticides or fertilizers.
  • The industrial processes of spinning and weaving our Belgian linen have little impact on the environment + our CO2 emissions have been cut by a third, resulting in a production space that is CO2 neutral.
  • Spinning, weaving, and finishing the linen is all done in a responsible and conscious way, taking every step of the process into consideration.