this collection juxtaposes the compositional elements of kitenge fabric and maija isola's paintings while telling the story of an imaginary traveler. journey from manhattan across the ocean, make tracks in desert sand, visit bustling markets, and experience the thrill of discovery. 



manhattan offers temptations of sight, taste, sound + touch. bask in its energy, journey through its grid; each street corner holds a new surprise. experience the island’s rhythms and breathe its independence. adventure is just outside your front door.


traveling by sailboat you’re fully at the whim of wind + water.
let the elements take you where they will! the patterns that dance atop the water’s surface are created by a convergence of sea, air, and vessel.


on a remote stretch of beach you glance down to discover a world of tracks + traces left behind in the sand. some of the marks are large, some small, some quite complete, and others barely there. what vehicles + creatures passed through before you?


THRILL OF THE CHASE - scanning the sunlight-punctured tents in the market, an object catches your eye. cacophony + chaos stand between you and it. will you reach it before someone else does? this is the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline of the hunt.